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Traveling to new places can be an exciting opportunity and while we walk in with stars in our eyes and a positive outlook, this can also make us blind to those that might take advantage of us. Learn the best ways to protect yourself today!

Learn the most common ways people take advantage of tourists

The Traveler’s Guide to Scams is an in-depth guide of stories and experiences in various places around the world and what you need to be aware of as a visitor in new lands. This is not to disparage any country and in fact, is a way to encourage travel to these countries. I believe that you should be aware so when it happens to you, you know what to do. Some can be just minor annoyances like bartering, but others could be outright theft and ruin a well-planned vacation in an instant.

Pulled over by the Thai Police?

Pulled over or stopped at a roadblock? Learn when to know you are being taken advantage of by those that should be protecting you.

find out the Grand Palace is closed?

Travel halfway around the world to find out the attraction you planned to visit is closed? Know how to spot this scam and avoid it.

Are prices high because of traffic?

Learn how to barter and to ensure you get to your destinations safely. Know the difference between Thai Prices and Farang Prices.

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